Saturday, February 01, 2014

February Monthly Roundup

Hello Beauties,

2014 already feels like it's flying by...what happened to January?!
Themed Weeks

Our first week this month is dedicated to Makeup Bags; inspired by Beauty VIP Hope. Our Beauty VIP's are going to share with you what they carry in their makeup bags.

The following week, we welcome Valentine's Day back for yet another year. Our Beauty VIP's will shower you with their Valentine's Day beauty and fashion do's and don't's to help make your night perfect with that special someone...whether it be your boyfriend, husband, best friend or favorite pet.

Our third week of February is yet another review week. No one can get enough of reviews of beauty and fashion products. You always search for reviews for future products you want to purchase and try for yourself.

Our last week of February is 'Can't Live Without ? Week' which is about what products we (the Beauty VIP's and myself included) can't go a day without using. We've never had a week like this and we can't wait to share it with you.


Giveaways are changing a bit from the regular routine that we usually have...either monthly or quarterly. Due to the large amount of products I have on hand for current prizes, giveaways are going to be boosted to weekly (until further notice). That's right, there will be a giveaway EVERY weeks. And they will be starting 30 minutes.

Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to S.A. Deveraux who was our Berry - Bath and Body Works Giveaway Winner!

Our Bodycology Giveaway ends in March, so get your name on the list. Visit our giveaway page (at the top) to see our most current giveaways and remember to scroll down, as occasionally we hold more than one giveaway.

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