Friday, February 28, 2014

Eyeliner Styles

Hello Ladies,

I like the idea of liquid eyeliner, but sometimes it is hard to use. Liquid liner lasts longer than pencil liner. It dries on contact and has a fine tip that lets your draw a precise line.

Classic Eye

Starting in the center of your top lashline, dot liner between lashes, moving toward the outer corner. The dots should be close together so it looks like a line, but you won't have to keep your hands as steady.

Cat Eye

Draw a thin line from the center of your upper lashline to the outer corner, curving it upward at the end toward your temple. Repeat with a line directly above, then fill in any gaps between the two lines.

Smoky Eye

Starting in the center of your top lashline, use the tip of the liner to draw a thin line toward the inner corner. Use the side of the tip to make a thicker line from the middle to the outer corner. Then use the tip to draw a thin line along your bottom lashes.
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