Friday, February 21, 2014

Dress Yourself Thin

Hello Ladies,

Large circles everywhere make your face look plumper than it is. Combine round glasses with flat hair in the middle, and your face will look like a big circle, focusing on the extra chub in your cheeks.

To combat a chunky face, embrace your angles. Try a wispy bangs with face-framing highlights. Ditch the glasses (those are so last season, haha) and pump up the makeup, contouring your cheekbones and adding false eyelashes. Remember not to go too over the top. Subtle changes have a dramatic impact when your canvas is this small.

The upper arm is a common trouble spot among many of us, unfortunately. But an outfit like this is doing your arms no favors. Say no to sleeves that cut off at the widest part of your arm and colors that contrast starkly from your skin color.

To hide your upper-arm jiggle, go with a dramatic, billowy shirt or blouse with sleeves. Other options to try are three-quarter-length sleeves, slouchy sweaters and V-neck shirts.

Ladies, who have "muffin tops" (which describes the unfortunate layer of fat that can be pushed up by tight jeans, creating a little roll around the waist. Suffering from a muffin top of your own? Say no to tight, light-colored tops and low-rise jeans.

 The shirt is a darker color and larger size. Pair a more flattering shirt with a higher-waisted jeans and a belt, say goodbye to back fat. High-waisted shapewear to smooth out your remaining rolls is also a life saver.

Even though trendy skirts are in this season, stop shopping for them. If you have extra weight in your hips, the worst thing to do is buy a skirt that enhances your lower half. The skirt is too short and distracts people with its horizontal lines and fringe.

Instead, go search for a pencil skirt that fashions to your body into a sexy hourglass. Ruffles on top focus attention on the upper half. A pencil skirt will make you look like you lost weight without hitting the gym.

It's hard to look breathtaking when your trying to suck in your stomach in an unflattering dress. Don't try to solve this problem by piling on the sparkle. All the sequins on a dress will point everyone's eyes directly to the rear end. Plus, chunky heels do nothing for your legs.

The little black dress is a classic for a reason. You'll never look slimmer than in a LBD. Ruche along the midsection hides any extra bumps, and the knee-length cut keeps your covered without looking frumpy.

Dress beautiful ladies.

See you next time,

Hope Jennings

Happy Shopping!

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