Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Benefit PoreFessional

Everyone has that one beauty product they just can't live without. Is it liquid eyeliner? Brown eyeshadow? Electric blue mascara? The answer is different for everyone. It all depends on what you love and what you need. When it comes to face products, there is one favourite I simply cannot imagine my makeup routine makeup. Enter the Benefit PoreFessional...

Haven't heard about the PoreFessional? Let me fill you in. This silky balm helps to reduce the look of pores and fine lines on your face. It also gives your skin a silky smooth texture that helps your makeup to go on better. Can't quite figure out this product? Think of it like a primer but way, way better! It can be worn alone, underneath your makeup, or even over the top of it. This must-have face product is great for dealing with problem areas on your face.

Other benefits (no pun intended!) of this product include the smooth texture, easy blendability, and lightweight texture. That means it goes on smooth and doesn't feel sticky or heavy. Talk about awesome! Best of all, it works with all different skin tones and skin types, making this a versatile option for any beauty lover.

There are many reasons I can't live without the PoreFessional. The most important? It covers up those pores. Unfortunately for me, I've got some seriously stubborn pores on my noes. No matter what I do, they're always there. Thank goodness for the PoreFessional, though. A small amount of the product and they magically disappear. This product helps my skin look better and my makeup to go on smoothly. It really is a makeup miracle!

How do I use the PoreFessional in my makeup routine? On an average day, I start by washing my skin, applying a moisturizer, and then using the PoreFessional on my nose and a bit on my cheeks. I'll use a primer on my forehead, chin, and eyelids, and then continue on with my foundation routine. This product is definitely an important part of my day!

The PoreFessional from Benefit is one beauty product I can't live without. What do you think...is the PoreFessional right for you?


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