Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tubing Secrets

Hello Ladies,

Have you ever wondered what the square color blocks on your toothpaste tube, your favorite facial cleanser tube or even your medicine tubes meant? Well, I just decided to Google that very thing this morning...this is what I found out...

Pay attention when buying toothpaste, at the bottom of the toothpaste tube there is a color bar. The markings on tubes, such as toothpaste is a popular consumer tip that I seemed to miss...but this information can be useful if you are particular on what you put into your body.

The colored square or rectangle bars found on the crimp at the closed end of toothpaste tubes signify the composition of the product contained therein: whether its ingredients are "natural" or "chemical," and whether the toothpaste includes "medicine."

The colored bars have nothing to do with the formulation of the product within the tube. These bars can be read the "eye mark" by light beam sensors and typically identify where product packaging is to be cut or folded as connected units stream through machinery at a high speed.

But, don't rely completely on the color bar on the bottom of the tube...the best way to know what is in the tube is to make sure you read all of the ingredients information printed on the tube or box.

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