Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello Ladies,

After going through several pictures on Pinterest and LoveIt, as well as the plain old Google search...I've found a few time-sensitive nail designs that you'll absolutely love.

You can stick to generic plain colors and bold colors, simply to match your nails to your hairstyle or outfit. If you aren't too confident with pulling off the steampunk style, this would be the way to play it safe.

If you feel a little more confident and are great at doing your own nail detail, well then, get to work. Sticking to time piece designs is the safe way to go.

If you are very positive you can make amazing nail designs to go along with you outfit, to help pull off the full look. I would suggest - "what are you waiting for?" Every lady likes to match her nails to something she's already wearing... 

See you next time,

Hope Jennings

Happy Shopping!


  1. That first color is just gorgeous! I feel like I need it now...


    1. Hello Erica, Thanks for stopping by. I've found a review of Fresh Paint nail polish here ( and you can purchase Fresh Paint Nail Polish at a store called Five Below ( Hope this helps you find that nail polish!


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