Friday, January 24, 2014

Shoes with a Story...

An excerpt from the Story of Prince Fairyfoot...

She was so sweet and gentle that Fairyfoot could not bear the thought of leaving her;
and when the King begged him to return to the palace with them and live there always,
he was more glad than I can tell you.
To be near this lovely Princess,
to be her friend,
to love and serve her and look at her every day,
was such happiness that he wanted nothing more.

But first he wished to visit his father and mother and sisters and brothers in Stumpinghame!
so the King and Princess and their attendants went with him to the pool where the red berries grew;
and after he had bathed his feet in the water they were so large that Stumpinghame contained nothing like them,
even the King's and Queen's seeming small in comparison.
And when, a few days later, he arrived at the Stumpinghame Palace,
attended in great state by the magnificent retinue with which the father of the Princess Goldenhair had provided him,
he was received with unbounded rapture by his parents.

The King and Queen felt that to have a son with feet of such a size was something to be proud of, indeed.
They could not admire him sufficiently,
although the whole country was illuminated,
and feasting continued throughout his visit.

But though he was glad to be no more a disgrace to his family,
it cannot be said that he enjoyed the size of his feet very much on his own account.
Indeed, he much preferred being Prince Fairyfoot,
as fleet as the wind and as light as a young deer,
and he was at an end,
and bathe his feel small again,
and to return to the palace of the Princess Goldenhair with the soft and tender eyes.

There everyone loved him,
and he loved everyone,
and was four times as happy as the day is long.

He loved the Princess more dearly every day, and, of course,
as soon as they were old enough, they were married. And of course, too,
they used to go in the summer to the forest, and dance in the moonlight with the fairies,
who adored them both.

When they went to visit Stumpinghame, they always bathed their feet in the pool of the red berries;
and when they returned, they made them small again in the fountain of the nightingales.

For the full story, go here.

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Tinker Bell



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Sleeping Beauty


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