Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hermione Granger Appreciation

Hermione Granger does not get enough credit in the Harry Potter world, when quite frankly, she's a role model for girls everywhere. By the time the story ends, Hermione has saved Ron and Harry from danger dozens of times, started a movement to free House Elves, maintained top marks in all her classes, and ultimately brought about the downfall of Voldemort with the help of her fellow wizards. No matter how much danger and dark magic was thrust in her face, she never once said, "Hey guys, this one's a little rich for my blood, I'm done. But let me know how your death match goes!". She didn't help in the fight against Voldemore, because there was a grand prophecy about her, or some reward for her. In fact, she probably could have walked away and been done with it. She made a conscious choice to fight because she believed standing with her friends in the war was the right thing to do.

Not only was Hermione brave and selfless, but she abolished stereotypes. She was smart, with razor sharp wit, and one of the cleverest, brightest witches of her time. From the beginning, Hermione was never there to act as Harry's love interest, but to guide him through his troubles as one of his best friends, perfectly happy to stand at his side with Ron. Because of her Muggle-born status, she was looked down upon and hated by parts of the wizarding community. Did she ever let it stop her? No. She still held her head high and achieved as much as, if not more than, everyone around her.

She also gets bonus points for punching Draco in the face. Good one, H.

Lainey L.


  1. Hermione is so great because she combines the best qualities of story characters. Loyalty, bravery, intelligence, kindness, and general all around goodness.


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