Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fairytale Fashion: From Runway to Wardrobe

Growing up, what girl didn't dream of a puffy Princess dress or a Cinderella crown? There was nothing more glamorous and beautiful than fairytale fashion! From storybooks to Disney movies, fairytales have always been around. Thankfully, they still are. Today, fairytale fashion is making its way into wardrobes and onto runways all over the world.

Designers certainly aren't afraid of embracing all the magic and whimsy of fairytale fashion. Oscar de la Renta, Diana Eng, Zac Posen, and Valentino have all been known to take a little inspiration from some of the most beloved fairytales. Everything from cascading capes (think Little Red Riding Hood with even more oomph) to massive ball gowns (Beauty and the Beast, anyone?) have been seen on the runway in the last couple of years. Clearly, there is no shortage of Princess inspired designs to choose from!

Some of the most notable fairytale fashion trends? Poufy skirts, elaborate necklines, whimsical details, light and flowy fabrics, and of course, lots and lots of sparkle. If you want to take the look from runway to wardrobe, there is no time to waste. That's right - you can bring a little fairytale fashion into your own style. You just need to find ways to incorporate those elements into your look.

How? Let's start with the sparkle! Something as simple as blingy drop earrings can add that fairytale glitz. Or, look for items of clothing that have metallic details or some subtle beading. Remember, a little goes a long way. You can also try wearing a shirt or dress with a Peter Pan collar, a dress or skirt with tons and tons of tulle, and so on. Look for pieces with feminine details - or anything that makes you feel like that beautiful princess you dreamed about when you were young.

You may have longed for a perfect fairytale dress when you were growing up...but it doesn't have to be fantasy anymore. It is easier than ever to give your outfits a little storybook flair. Now, get out there and embrace your inner princess!


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