Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Award Day at Beauty O'holic

Hello Everyone and Beauty VIPs,

Just like last year, I am passing out awards...however, these types of awards have never been issued before. There are three very lucky Beauty VIP's that will be receiving the first ever awards for being the most POPULAR Beauty VIP writer's of 2013!

First off, there will be three winners chosen based on page-views and comments that they received for each of the posts that they have written over the past year.

Next, it was very difficult to choose the three most popular based on votes, so I left it up to the numbers.

Finally, each of these writer's have dedicated to writing a minimum of one post a month, however, these Beauty VIP's went above and beyond and wrote up to six posts within the same month.


In 3rd Place,

with 2040 page views

our Bronze Award goes to:


In 2nd Place,

with 2045 page views

our Silver Award goes to:


In 1st Place,

with 2201 page views

our Gold Award goes to: 



Everyone is being acknowledged for their amazing suggestions for future posts, many of which may not have been used this year, but they may be used in 2014. Thanks to our Beauty VIP's, let's make 2014 a great year!!!

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