Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's

New Years

I love New Years! I am a goal setter and New Year's is pretty much the only time of the year that everyone (or most people) joins me in goal setting. It's like a chance at a fresh start! This year (2013) has been a really big year for me, but next year is going to be even bigger!

Some of my goals include:
  • Publish a book that will be in print: Dec 31st
  • Join the Iron Workers - Start work: April 1st
  • Get an appointment at Kleinfelds - Get a wedding dress: June 30th
  • Stay over 100 lbs: Dec 31st
  • Learn Japanese: Sept 1st
  • Submit 15 pieces of my writing by the end of the year
Now, those are just a couple of my goals; for someone who thrives under the idea of reaching a goal, I take full advantage of New Year's!

In closing, I hope each and everyone of you have luck with your goals for the New Year! May you meet them all, plus some!


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