Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Sweater

There is something special about holiday traditions. When the weather outside gets colder and the snow starts to fall, we look forward to those traditions more than ever! Your holiday traditions may be decorating the tree with lots of garland or watching old Christmas specials on TV. One thing is clear: the holiday season is all about the moments we hold near and dear to us.

What is one holiday tradition you can't go without? Christmas sweaters, of course! They can be tacky, cute, or a little bit of both. However you wear them, Christmas sweaters are an absolute must this season.

Christmas sweaters have been worn for decades. Red and white snowflakes, reindeer in a snow bank, over-sized snowmen...the possibilities are endless! Some are silly, some are fun, and others are downright ugly. Yes, ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage right now.

In the last several years, there has been a major resurgence in the popularity of the Christmas sweater. Why? The "Ugly Christmas Sweater" phenomenon has swept the nation. This is when people intentionally wear tacky, goofy, and ironic Christmas sweaters to parties or to the workplace. Not only is this funny and light-hearted, but it also makes the Christmas sweater a great way to show off a little personality.

The Christmas sweater doesn't have to be ugly though. In fact, it can be pretty darn adorable! It's all about choosing a great print and styling it right. Some Christmas sweater tips? Avoid wearing a pair of Christmas earrings or a Christmas pin with your sweater. You won't want to overdo it! Let the focus be on your super cute sweater instead - it'll look way better that way. As for the rest of your holiday outfit, wear a tulle skirt or a pair of simple black leggings underneath.

Do you want to look great (and festive!) this season? Then embrace this fun holiday tradition. For something stylish and totally unforgettable, there is nothing better than the Christmas sweater. You'll be sure to stand out at your next family get together.


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