Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Possibilities of Striped Manicures

This weeks theme is "Oh the possibilities," so I thought what has more possibilities than a striped manicure? Using striping tape is extremely easy and it's skill level is perfect for those who are nail art challenged, like myself! There are hundreds of different ways you can do your striped manicure as well! You can do anything to your hearts content! The striping tape I am using is by Fing'rs. You can find it at Walmart for $2.98

As my base, I am using Cult Nails "Tempest". This, by far, has to be my favorite white nail polish which is why I chose it. The reason I chose a white base, is so that I can show you not only the different combinations that you can create, but I am showing you different color choices. Doing any kind of manicure is not limited to any one color, which is why I opted for a striped manicure.

On my pinky finger I used Cult Nails "Grunge"
On my ring finger I used Nalitini "The Pink Panel"
On my middle finger I used Cult Nails "Wack Slacks"
On my index finger I used China Glaze "Desert Sun"
On my thumb I used Cult Nails "Fetish"

The reason I used mostly Cult Nails polishes is because the huge majority of them are ONE coaters! You can't do multiple coats of your topper polish because you have to take the tape off immediately after you apply the polish, otherwise you risk messing the entire nail tip.

The ting I do want to stress is to remember the way you laid your tape strips down. If you pull the wrong one, you risk messing or smudging the polish, which is in itself extremely annoying. I left the nails the way they are to prove a point. Sometimes your nails don't come out looking perfect. On my pinky finger, hopefully you can see and understand this is what your nails could look like if you let the polish sit too long. The reason I didn't redo it is because I kind of like when striping manicures don't look perfect. On my index and middle fingers, the polish was dry, but my top coat drug some of it and made it look all befuddled. It always happens to me, depending on certain polishes. I don't mind it honestly, some people will, but I don't.

I'm also showing you these two examples of different striping manicures that I have done recently. The first one, I used China Glaze "Grape Pop" and Venique "Dominating Thigh Highs" with one top to give it a little glow at night.

I have linked all of the polishes that can be purchased online.

What do you think of striped manicures? Is it something you are into?


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