Thursday, November 07, 2013

Powerful Ways to Take Care of Your Body

Hello Ladies,

So, I seemed to have gotten stuck with this week's body topic, because everything else was biggie...

What are the different possibilities or options you can do to take care of your body?

Our bodies are not indestructible, and there is only so far we can push them before they start to fail.

When we're stressed, we take time out to breathe and 

but, what do we do for our bodies?

Maybe we sometimes forget about that part - I know I do.

Take time for exercise

I'm slowly working my way towards practicing some basic yoga. This is the point of exercising your body only. Only do what your body could manage if you're struggling as there's no point in making things harder. Even a little activity can have a huge impact.

Make sleep a priority

If you're tired, SLEEP. More importantly, give yourself permission to sleep. Once you embrace this step, your body will thank you for it.

Eat well and savor it

Food is fuel, and we need it to function optimally. Eating well means feeding your body when it needs in the most natural way you can manage and afford. Changing how you eat doesn't need to be an all-or-nothing thing. Maybe you could just add an extra bit of fruit a day or swap a cup of coffee for a glass of water instead.

Take your time when you eat. Paying attention to flavors, textures, and smells, even the mechanical act of eating, can soothe our bodies and reawaken us to the sensations of being alive.

Listen to pain

When something starts to hurt, something somewhere has gone wrong, and your body is trying to tell you that. We often pay no attention to pain unless it becomes unbearable: the sharp tugging in my shoulder is a result of repetitive strain but it usually goes by the time I'm home, so no need to worry.

These things, no matter how small, shouldn't be brushed aside because they represent damage to our bodies. Ignore them and they could come back to haunt you later.

Slow down

I tend to think I'm untouchable from time to time. I end up taking on way too much and then running around like a maniac.

If we squeeze every second out of our day at record speed, our flesh, bones, muscles, organs - the whole lot - will eventually suffer.

Our bodies are precious, so why do we neglect them on such basic levels so often? A serene mind really is nothing without a healthy body to carry it. So take an hour - yes an hour! - out of your day a few times a week to care for it. Sleep, eat, rest, get a massage. Wind things down. Pay attention.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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