Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Everything You Need to Know for Amazing Nails

Just like our hands, our nails are often over used and sometimes uncared for, but with these quick tips I have picked up and am passing to you, you can have perfect nails too.

Typing with actually make your naiils stronger, so will simple activities where you are using your nails like knitting or crocheting.

There are a lot vitamins made to help the growth and health of your nails. Of course, these are an option, but the main ones you want are: biotin, protein and iron. Of course, every single healthy thing we put into our body will help in some way shape or form.

A weekly soak in warm water, lemon juice and salt will keep your nails clear=n, white and strong.

My friend bites her nails out of habit, so I made her a mixture of apple cider vinegar and garlic to apply to her nails. It was so gross when she went to bite her nails, she stopped.

Wear gloves when washing dishes. Our nails get weaker when they are left in water for any amount of time. This also applies for using harsh chemicals.

Take your nail polish off one-two days before repainting them, this will give your nails some much needed time to get a breath.

Don't forget to massage your cuticles with a moisturizer each day to keep them soft and intact.

Massage your nails (and your hands) daily to get the blood flowing to them, this will help them grow faster.

Apple cider vinegar can help harden weak nails.

Keep your nails trimmed until they get stronger, even if you arre trying to get longer nails. This will keep them from chipping. Once your nails stronger let them grow out.

Applying nail polish will actually help keep your nails strong, since the nail polish works as a protectie coat.

Drinking enough water is very important for your nails health. It's suggested 6-8 glasses, but due to body and glass size, I never feel right telling people how much they should drink. Just make sure you are getting enough water and use your best judgment or consult a doctor.

Olie and coconut oils are great for nail health. They help keep the nail nourished, strong, and moisturized.

Cut your nails when they are wet. This will lead to a cleaner cut, since the nails are weaker. That being said, nails should never be filed while wet for the same reason as it could lead to chipping and splitting.


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  1. These are great tips, some of them I didn't know about and are more unconventional. I find my nails are more brittle when I wear polish so I always try to take a break from it every once in a while.


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