Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beauty VIP Thank You Packages

Hello Beauties,

In celebration of making our One Year Anniversary in May, I wanted to thank my Beauty VIP's (part-time blogger) for their volunteered time of writing beauty related posts for Beauty O'holic. These individuals have truly inspired me to keep growing Beauty O'holic and finally opening my natural product bath shop - For Sanity's Sake Products (click 'Our Shop' tab at the top of the page).

So, my gift to them was Beauty O'holic's signature color - hot pink - in Sharpie form. While it may not be much, I want to thank them again for their permanent impression on Beauty O'holic and the blogging world.

Well, I will let them do the talking...

I received my Beauty O'holic Thank You package today!

Having completely forgot about it, I was super excited and slightly surprised to be receiving random things in the mail!

In the package was:
  • A lovely Thank You note (which really made my day :) )
  • A pink Sharpie
  • A 25% Off coupon for "For Sanity's Sake" Etsy's Shop
  • Beautiful Beauty O'holic business card

Meredith, I really want to publicly Thank You for this gift, it really made me feel appreciated to be a part of the Beauty O'holic VIP's and I am deeply touched to be!


Lainey L.,

About a month ago (give or take) a small package from Meredith turned up on my doorstep. I, knowing what it was, but not it's contents, quickly tore it open to discover a 25% off gift certificate for For Sanity's Sake. This was just the excuse I needed to do a little shopping at Beauty O'holic's online store. As I skipped away gleefully to buy some bath salts, I remembered that there was something else in the envelope - something long and skinny.

Out came a hot pink Sharpie pen and a little note. Definitely the last thing I was expecting, but quite possibly the cutest thing Meredith could have put in there. Permanent, get it? It evoked a small giggle and a big smile. And, a second later, I realized that the Sharpie was the same color as the Beauty O'holic site. It's the little things that make all the difference, don't you think?

Thanks again to Meredith for a wonderful year, and here's to another!


I would like to say thank you to Meredith and the whole B.O.H. staff. The opportunity to write and share my blog with the fans and followers has been a very rewarding experience.

I was so surprised when I received a thank you pack from B.O.H. I can always use a pink (becoming my fave color) sharpie. I am loving For Sanity's Sake. I know that a lot of planning, research, hard work and heart and soul goes into each product. And lastly, but certainly not least, having my blog featured forever is a sweet bonus.

Thank you again

Lindsey A. Jones


You're more than welcome Beauties!

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