Thursday, November 21, 2013

Be Thankful For Our Bodies

I can hear every one of you saying "well, I'm not!"

I would guess that every woman alive can find SOMETHING on their body that they wished were bigger, smaller, firmer, longer: bigger boobs, smaller waist, firmer thighs, longer legs...okay, maybe that's just me...but, everyone has SOMETHING they'd change if they had the opportunity.

Fashion magazines, as wonderful as they are for inspiration, tend to make us feel we are 'less than worthy' if we are not 6' tall, 100 pounds, blonde-haired and blue-eyed. I'm sure you've seen the YouTube video of how much a model's body is Photo-shopped before print.

It's proof that no one, NOT EVEN THE MODELS THEMSELVES, can attain those standards.

So, while we are in the season of giving thanks, let's remember to appreciate our bodies as they are...a waist that's larger for having carried a baby, or soft thighs because you have a desk job. Love the family and the fact that you have a job. Many people have neither. There are diet books and equipment everywhere you look, but, as boring as it sounds, walking will do it. Someone close to me has lost 62 lbs in less than a year with no 'secret' other than portion control and walking.

Hair may not be what we want it to be, but be thankful that there are products to tame unruly hair, dyes to change the color, stylists and accessories to help change the look. There is a meme that says 'Grey hair is a sign of wisdom'. I looked at the grey's that are starting to come in and told a friend..."if that's true, I'm going to be Einstein!" but, as long as "Lady Clairol" lives, no one is going to know it! And remember to say a prayer for those who are losing their hair due to medical treatments - they would be thrilled to be able to complain about hair that was 'too curly' or 'too straight'.

It used to be said that you can change everything but your eye color....but, we can with contacts! Vision can be corrected with stylish glasses - even Geek Chic styles - or vision-correcting surgery if you so choose. You can use makeup to enhance for a natural look or go for all out drama. If you don't like something about your features, thank the makeup artists who have devised ways to apply makeup to 'reconstruct' your face...make your eyes appear larger or further apart, your cheekbones look higher or your nose not so prominent.

How many ads or commercials have you seen for beauty balms, correction creams, wrinkle reducers, and moisturizers? There is something to be said for all of a point. Yes, you need to keep your skin nourished and hydrated...both by drinking water and eating nourishing foods...and using products (the more natural the better) to help retain the moisture, but don't wish away every wrinkle. When I was 20, I noticed a line near my eye...WHEN I SMILED...and though..."oh no! crow's feet!" Embrace the crow's feet if you have them...they let the world see how much you enjoy life!

Enhance what you can, change what you must, but love and appreciate the body you're Thanksgiving and always!


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  1. Great message and right in time for the holidays :)

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise


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