Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Adult Acne

As if being an adult wasn't hard enough, let's bring on the soul crippling adult acne.

Did you know that 20% of all adults have acne problems of some form?

Factors contributing to Adult Acne:


Dirty Hands


Medication Side Effects

Hot Weather

Menstruation and Pregnancy


How to deal with it:

STOP touching your face and keep your phone clean,
the grease and dirt transfers to your pores and grinds right in.

DO NOT pop the zits, hard as it may seem.
You can make it worse my introducing bacteria to the affected area from under your nails.

WASH your face with simple soap and water,
avoid products with alcohol, it will just dry you out.

Medication can be prescribed in extreme cases,
talk to a dermatologist.


Some home remedies:

Tea Tree Oil ~ Anti-fungal

Baking Soda ~ Cleanser and Toner

Honey ~ Reduces the appearance of scars

Keep those beautiful faces forward

Lindsey A. Jones
for Stylista by SC

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