Friday, November 08, 2013

Accessorize Fashion

Everybody's got some version of the black pants, white top uniform. It might be a button down top of a pullover, you may or not wear it with a jacket or sweater, but we all have it...that fall back outfit that we put on when we don't have the time or patience or just don't feel good, but we need to get dressed and go to work.

How boring is this? Black and white TV went out in the 50's!

It really doesn't take much to add some kick to an outfit like this. Just keep in mind the rule from Stacey London of TLC's What Not to Wear (just because they ended the show doesn't mean the rules don't apply anymore)!


Think about those 4 things the next time you are getting dressed...does your outfit have all of them? How about swapping out the white shirt for something bold like this blue shirt...

add even more of a kick with the matching shoes!

or swap out the black blazer or sweater for red.

Try this...go to your closet and take out a pair of pants and a shirt that you wear fairly often. Now, look around your closet and think about wearing something you wouldn't normally consider...maybe...

a pair of shiny patent leather shoes 

a jacket with some texture to the fabric,

or a patterned scarf, either around your neck or waist, or

if you're not quite ready for that,
tied onto the handle of your purse.

You could always throw in a print...How many combinations can you make with just these 7 clothing items? Look carefully...this is 2 pairs of pants, 2 tops, a skirt, a dress and a jacket.

For an Office to Dinner day, you could wear the black dress to the office with the black and tan pumps, the diamond stud earrings and the red bag. Then, when it's time to party, trade out the black shoes for the red platform heels (color), swap the demure diamond stud earrings for the gold blingy hoops and necklace (shine), add a fabulous vintage velvet wrap (fabric) and a metallic clutch (texture).


It will look like a brand new outfit. All you'll need to do is freshen your makeup, fluff your hair and you'll be ready in record time knowing that you look great!


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