Monday, November 11, 2013

20 Hair Tips You'll Wish You Tried Sooner

    • When straightening your hair, hold the strand of hair up towards the ceiling instead of to the side. It comes out straighter and gives you more volume at the crown.
    • Hair looks a little dull? No problems! Just spray some vinegar on it!
    • Next time you have some overripe bananas laying around, instead of just throwing them out, mash them into a paste and add some raw honey. In the shower, massage it into your hair and wait 10 minutes before washing it out with a gentle shampoo.

    • If your hair looks "blah" after styling, you can spray some moisturizing makeup setting spray (like MAC Fix+) on it to bring some life back into it.
    • Rising your hair in cold water before stepping out of the shower helps seal off the hair cuticle, trapping in moisture and extra shine.
    • Baby shampoo is an excellent everyday option for girls who want to wash every other day but just can't get away with it due to oiliness. I did this for years when my hair used to be shorter.
    • Want to curl your hair using braids but don't know where to start? Add some hair oil onto clean, wet hair at bedtime. Use a clear elastic or a scrunchie (versus a standard ponytail holder) to avoid bends where you don't want them, and braid. Sleep on it overnight. Remember: a classic three strand braid will create smooth, even waves, while a tight fishtail will result in sexy curls.
    • If you just can't make your bun stay in place using ponytail holders and bobby pins, buy a Spin Pin! At around $7 for two, it's a great product that takes ten seconds to use and lasts all day.
    • Everyone knows that wrapping your hair in a towel can damage it. So use a soft T-shirt to wrap it up and dry it, and watch how smooth your hair becomes!
    • Oily roots and no dry shampoo around? Use a smidge of baby powder or loose face powder. Use a blush brush to apply it, and make sure it's not visible when you're finished.
    • Forever losing your ponytail holders? Put all of them on a large carabiner clip and you'll always have them in one place.
    • While we're at it, let's talk about losing bobby pins. Stick some sled adhesive magnetic strips on the inside of your makeup drawer, and you won't lose near as many of them. (Every girl on Earth automatically understands that at least half of the pack will get lost anyway.)
    • A dryer sheet can help tame all those static-y flyaways you get during winter. Just smooth one over your hair before styling it, or after you heat style it.
    • Save your old mascara wands! Just wash them really well, spritz it with some strong-hold hairspray, and use it to smooth back the tiny tindrils around your hairline that refuse to obey any hairbrush.
    • To give you some extra grip when braiding, only brush the top of your head, then spray the rest with light-hold hairspray and use your fingers to comb through it. It keeps the texture in place while still getting out tangles.

    • Gone way too long without a haircut? Buy a big bottle of cheap conditioner and let it sit on damp hair for 15-20 minutes before washing and conditioning as usual. Do this every few days, and it'll keep you going until you can make it to the salon. (I've been relying on this for several weeks.)
    • Wondering how much shampoo and conditioner to use? Use about a nickel size amount of shampoo and a quarter size dollop of conditioner for medium/long hair. Use this as a guideline and adjust accordingly.
    • Judging the proper amount of hair oil and serum can be difficult as well. Depending on the thickness of your hair and the texture of the product, a penny size amount is a good place to start. Add more if necessary.
    • For those unfortunate times when you get gum in your hair, use an ice cube to make it harden, and watch how easily it comes out.
    • The secret to fishtail braids is not making every strand exactly the same width. A little variation makes it look much better.
    Hope you enjoyed this list!

    Lainey L.


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