Monday, November 04, 2013

10 Tips to Prevent Damage

Ten: Quit washing your hair often!

Really ladies, this is really bad for your hair. Our body creates these oils for our hair to help nourish and protect it, the more we wash it away the more our body has to create, hence why you can wash your hair daily and still wake up with greasy hair.

Nine: Cut down on Product Usage

I know, I know it's hard. You have all these products that are supposed to help with all these things. But, a lot of those products contain really harmful things. Not to mention lathering product after product on your hair is just going to make them cancel each other out.

Eight: Keep your hair up as often as you can.

This is going to help prevent daily damage from rubbing against things like a chair or your bed. It's so simple, but trush helps a lot!

Seven: Weekly Treatments.

These are essential all year round. They are a great way to pamper yourself and they are one of the best (and simplest) ways to care for your hair.

Six: DIY

DIY-ing is a great way to save lots of cash, still care for your hair and know what goes into your products. Like I said before, a lot of store bought products contain products that we can't even pronounce!

Five: Work from the inside out.

Okay, maybe I should rephrase from the inside and the out. That way you can be giving yourself strength and moisture from the outside and the inside! A good diet is key to having strong hair, make sure you are getting enough protein, biotin, water and omega-3.

Four: Treat wet hair nice.

This is a big one! Our hair is 30% more likely to be damaged when it is wet, so brush your hair before wetting it, avoid rubbing or "massaging" products into it harshly, and keep it away from anything that could break it. Also avoid rubbing it with a towel, instead blot it.

Three: Don't over brush your hair.

Brushes (even more so cheap ones) can be very damaging to the hair. The little knobs on the brush can split and break your hair, so don't increase the chances of that by brushing your hair a dozen times a day!

Two: Invest in good tools.

While it can be said that you don't always get what you pay for, it can be worth it to buy hair tools that are going to be kind to your hair.

One: Stop damaging your hair!

Okay, so I'e given you a couple tips on how you can prevent damaging your hair, but a lot of what you do to style it is also very damaging, like blow drying, teasing, curling/straightening, etc. While you can use things to help minimize the damage, there are ways you can do it with a lot less damaging...for example: not using heat, or for teasing ~ use a "bump it". No, they are not always perfect solutions, but if they work 95% of the time, that will be 95% of the time that you don't need to use more damaging methods!



  1. I wash my hair with shampoo once per week and I use a sulfate free shampoo! when I workout a lot I wash every day but I use a cleansing conditioner to wash the roots not shampoo. I also deep conditioner once per week. I try and take good care of my hair.

    1. I can't wash my hair every day, well, I can. But if I do, I will look like I stuck my fingers in a socket every day. Frizz central.


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