Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Best Boho Chic Celebrities

Written By: Shannon Boyce

There is something about boho fashion that is just cool. It's no wonder so many celebrities have adopted this unique style! With elements of bohemian and hippie fashion, looking good has never been so easy. So, which celebrities bring this relaxed look to life? Here are the best boho chic celebrities:

Vanessa Hudgens

First on the list is Vanessa Hudgens. Over the last couple of years, she has cemented herself as one of the most fashionable starlets. What makes her style so great? She perfectly combines loose wavy hair with long, flowy skirts, cute crop tops and floral crowns. Pairing boho fashion with trendier pieces creates a completely original take on this fashionable look. Some of her standout pieces include: floppy hats, wide leg pants, dresses and purses with fringe, cut-off denim shorts, and Aztec printed skirts.

Nicole Richie

Few celebrities are as known for rocking boho chic style as much as the ultra-fashionable Nicole Richie! She helped make this style popular all over North America. It has become her trademark and has launched her career in the fashion industry. Known for wearing loose fitting tops, long maxi dresses, and perfectly pretty women headbands, Nicole always looks gorgeous. One of her best qualities? She is never afraid to play with bold colours and prints.

Sienna Miller

Across the pond, actress Sienna Miller has been sporting bohemian inspired clothes for years. She clearly has the look down pat! Mixing bedazzled belts, long scarves and denim vests, Sienna knows how to accessorize right. What makes her style different from other boho-inspired celebs? Her love for anything and everything feminine. Many of her outfits feature elegant rouching at the bust and cute floral prints.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Of course, no boho list would be complete without Mary-Kate and Ashley. This relaxed but high-fashion look has become their signature style. It helped them to transition their image from childhod stars to serious fashion designers. These fashionable twins are most likely to be seen wearing oversized sunglasses, baggy dresses and tops, skinny jeans, and retro-cut evening gowns.

With so many celebrities making boho look better than ever, it's no wonder that it remains such a popular style. To achieve your own celebrity look, unleash your boho chic self!


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