Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Dramatic Evening Makeup

Written By: Shannon Boyce

There is nothing like going out with the girls. Not only do you get to let your hair down, but you also get to amp up your makeup! Forget rocking a natural look - girls night out always involves tons and tons of drama. Are you ready to turn some heads? Then it's time for dramatic evening makeup.

The key to gorgeous (and dramatic!) girls night out makeup? The eyes. To look super sexy and sultry, you'll want to play up those peepers as much as possible. There are many ways to do this, but the best is with a classic smokey eye. You can do this by contrasting light and dark: using a dark crease colour along with a light shimmery shades on the inner part of your eye.

To create your own smokey eye look, don't be afraid of going dark. Dark eye shadow shades are absolutely necessary for dramatic evening makeup! Whether you choose black, dark brown, forest green, navy blue, or even a deep purple, there are tons of different ways to change up this bold look. Next up? Don't forget about eyeliner! There is nothing more important to girl's night out makeup than cat-eye liner. It always looks super feminine and dramatic, so don't skip it.

To finish off your dramatic eye look, reach for those falsies! False eyelashes are a great way to take your makeup look to the next level. You can get creative with the fullness and length, depending on your own preferences. If you're feeling super bold, try some lashes with glitter or jewels - they'll definitely make you stand out.

A trick to apply your lashes with ease? Use a lash glue that dries clear. This simple step will make your lash application a whole lot easier. Now you won't have to worry about ruining the rest of your makeup with messy and sticky glue.

The rest of your night out face should be subtle - but still sexy. Since you want your eyes to be the focus, use a nude lipstick and avoid wearing tons of blush. Opt for a sexy, glowy bronzer on the cheeks instead. This will give your face warmth but it won't detract from that unforgettable smokey eye.

Nothing is more exciting than a girl's night out. So, next time, make sure you look your best by wearing some perfectly dramatic evening makeup. You - and your friends - will love it!

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