Friday, October 18, 2013

Bring Out Your Inner Gypsy

Boho could possibly be the best fashions for fall, layers of vibrant colors.
Perfect for any occasion. Customizable, there are no rules.

Bring Out Your Inner Gypsy

The best part is all of your best looks can be found in vintage or second hand shops,
if you don't have the bank to buy it all new...
or maybe just check your mom's closet...yikes!

The Bohemian way is easy and laid back,
casual with elements of the earth,
wind and fire.

Can you wear it to work?
Absolutely, you can bring elements of the Boho Chic into your wardrobe easily.

Crafters are getting in on this trend,
you can find handmade goods at Etsy.

And what about a wedding??

Why should your style stop at weddings?

There is plenty of inspiration out there.

And Boho fashion can extend into your living spaces,
isn't this soooo romantic?

Get your groove on.

Lindsey A. Jones

for the Stylista by SC

see more at Lindsey @

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  1. Love it, I really like the hairstyles too like the side swept braid, that is very pretty.


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