Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boho Girl

Hello Ladies,

Bohemian/Gypsy makeup is based around a finished natural look;
this means make up is worn but is discreet and looks natural.

To achieve this look, foundation is not necessary, but concealer may be used. Apply black mascara to the lashes and smudge a thin line of dark eyeliner underneath the eye without looking like a raccoon.

Now, since we are all beauty addicts, channel your inner artist with the Boho makeup look that is often known as your "Creative Streak". You have to think of your face as a canvas, but only play up one feature at a time. For your eyes, think rainbow eye shadow or just adding individual lashes for a dramatic and unique look. The same goes for dramatic lips, if you are making your lips the statement piece, play down your eyes with natural color eye shadow.

For more of a Gypsy look,

you can add patterns on your cheeks,
such as hearts or stars.

Gain the title as the "Smart One" with the Bohemian Scholar!

Foundation/Conceal is optional for the face, but is a must for the lips. Eye liner on the upper inside lid is worn with mascara applied to curled eye lashes. Blush can also be used.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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