Monday, September 23, 2013

Too Late for a Hair Homework Pass


Since the start of the school year has hit us once again, we know the first few weeks are spent reviewing what you have learned in the year's prior. Some of us, bored by the reminders, and some of us, blessed.

Me - I take any review to catch up on the past and create new visions for the future. Whether sitting in the classroom, or the stylists chair, everyone could use a touch up. So - here we go.

And, yes, the end of the summer has made my mind incredibly crooked, so I've dumbed it down a little.

Math: If you deep condition, then use hot tools on your hair, you're subtracting most of the moisture (+ time) that was your lengthy, deep condition. Simply add a heat styling spray to your routine to assure that your ends (+ roots) will be saved. We love, Oscar Blandi's Pronto Dry Heat Protect Spray, $11. My tip: buy the travel size. This smaller bottle can accompany you at all times for that total touch-up.

Science: The chemicals you use in your hair are just as important as those you use on your skin. As we progress in the beauty world, we are finding more and more ingredients that are both good and bad for you. One of the most important we found? Eliminating sulfate products from your locks. What do sulfate products do? Create that sudsing effect. Also, sulfates are linked with causing frizziness and stripping color in color-treated hair. What's scary about sulfates? They're found in household cleaning products. UMMM. We chose this bonus pack to start you off as a sulfate-free fan. For $12, L'Oreal serves with purpose, their Sulfate-free Reconstruct Shampoo and Conditioner.

History: When you were younger did you used to get out of the bath tub and spray your whole head with detangler and then comb out with one of those cute little plastic combs? Well, look here. We, too, are combing through the past and found that combing your hair while you're letting the conditioner set in the shower is about as healthy as healthy can get. This will eliminate the loss your locks and make the after-shower process as painless as it can get. How cute is this Plugged In Wet Look Shower Comb? And for $3? I think I love history!

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