Monday, September 02, 2013

September Roundup

Hello Beauties,

I apologize for a late arrival of the monthly roundup.

First off, I would like to remind everyone about the July/August/September Giveaway that is still ongoing. This giveaway will be ending September 23rd at midnight (during Review Week), so hurry and get your submissions in now! (I am currently in the process of prepping our next giveaway.)

Next, I'd like to welcome (again) our two newest Beauty VIP writers:
Catherine and Shannon. Welcome Beauties!

This month we have quite a selection of themed weeks occurring. We are currently in Right on Pointe Week, which is dedicated to Ballet (get it? Pointe shoes?).

Next week is all about the men! Yep, It's Raining...Men! is next week's theme. Our Beauty VIP's are going to share their personal celebrity crushes. Even if the week is all about eye candy.

This weeks is closely followed by New Product Week (any new products our writer's have previously purchased and discussing how they think they will like the product before using it), Review Week (writing a post about a product they have recently finished using) and

Geek Chic Week (well, every girl has a little geek in her and our own personal styles can make them chic).

Honestly, there are some reviews within this month for products I've never heard of.


  1. Hey, I am having a giveaway on my blog as well :) Would love if you stopped by and entered.


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