Monday, September 02, 2013

Right On Pointe Hair

There's no denying that when I was younger I soaked up my ballet classes, jazz classes, and hip hop classes. I made my mother topsy tail, braid, and pull my buns back as tight as she could. As I reached adolescence, my looks became so much more important than my ballet classes. But today, while looking good is still something I strive to do - it doesn't consume my life. In fact, my life has now come full circle, back to my ballet roots. Follow these three tips to heighten your hair, whether in ballet slippers or stilettos.

First Position: The Obvious Sock Bun

We've been loving the sock bun since the days of literally making it with a sock. But, the beauty guru's had our manes in mind when they started creating buns making the style simpler. Your hair is easily placed in a pony, then the mesh is rolled down and it is tightened with a hair tie and pieces pinned with bobby's. My pick? The Conair Bun Maker 6 Piece Kit, $5.

Second Position: The Tipsy Topsy

When I was a little one, the topsy tail was probably my favorite thing ever. I loved the way it looked and I could do it myself. Since those days of glittering our eyelids and then topsy-tailing in our bathroom, we've all sophisticated. This new and improved topsy tail is a loose ladylike version of the once loved style. Place a pony and tie with little rubber bands. Slowly loops your hair through using your topsy. It's almost Vintage!

Third Position: Braided Ballerina

Cornrows. You probably want to laugh because cornrows haven't exactly screamed The Nutcracker in the past. This new style that celebs have been killing, will truly make your rethink. Create a deep side part in your hair and pull the thicker side away. With the small smidge on the other side, cornrow back three French braids and tie with a clear elastic. Voila!


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  1. These all are about Pointe Hair. My hair is dull and curly. It looks are very rough. Do you have any tips for me???

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