Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hugh Jackman

Nothing like a whole week of gazing adoringly at men. It's even better when the man is attractive, talented, faithful and generous...a man like Hugh Jackman.

The first time I saw Hugh Jackman was in the movie Van Helsing, a 2004 American action film. He played a vigilante monster hunter Gabriel Van Helsing - the movie was a tribute to the horror/monster films from the 1930s and '40s. Sad to say, I wasn't impressed.

I'm not into sci-fi or the Marvel comic remakes, so I never got into watching any of the X-men movies where he plays Wolverine, either.

Then, one day, I walked in as my daughter was watching a Meg Ryan movie...KATE & LEOPOLD...a chick-flick if ever there was one. That was all it took...I was hooked!

I looked up his other work and found that, in addition to movies, he'd been on BROADWAY!!! Having grown up in New York, Broadway is IT. I'd heard of 'The Boy from Oz', based on the life of singer/songwriter Peter Allen, but never really thought about who was in it...until then.

My God...the man sings and dances, too!

The Boy from Oz...I Go to Rio:

Not only did he star in The Boy from Oz, but his performance won him a Theatre World Award, a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actor in a Musical AND a Tony for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical. He had a pretty good 2004.

His Oscar Hosting opening number shows his versatility and sense of humor while performing live (dancing starts at 2:45 - Anne Hathaway joins him at 4:00)...he won an Emmy for hosting.

Christmas Day 2012...the long-awaited Les Miserables hit the theatres. As much as I wanted to see it, when it was finally released, I hesitated. I'd both read the book and saw a non-musical movie version and really had to push myself to stay to the end both times. I didn't want to do that again...I was so afraid of being disappointed or, worse, disinterested.

When it was on HBO recently, I was kicking myself, because I realized everyone was right. It was phenomenal and I, too, cried at the end.

Through all of his success, he has been cheered on by his wife of 18 years, the gorgeous Australian actress Deborra-Lee Furness.


From the site:

"October 12th, 2011 was a special day. It is the birthday of Hugh Jackman, and now, Laughing Man Coffee & Tea.

While visiting Ethiopia with World Vision, Hugh Jackman met a coffee farmer named Dukale. He met his family and friends, worked the farm with Dikale and saw how much the community could be benefit from one person's hard work, couples with a little help. Inspired by his time with Dukale, Hugh promised he would help. Laughing Man Worldwide is the fulfillment of the promise; a company that supports entrepreneurs who believe the commerce and community grow together and gives 100% profits to charity. The first company incubated by Laughing Man Worldwide is Laughing Man Coffee & Tea, importing, roasting and serving specialty coffee & tea. Three words make up our company, people, and cups of coffee: ALL BE HAPPY."

What better way to thank Hugh Jackman for all of the pleasure we've gotten from his performances.

For your viewing pleasure
(ok, I just wanted to keep looking at pictures of him!)


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