Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How To: Eyebrow Shaping

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Eyebrows are crucial features on the face of a human being. They play an important role in human communication through facial expressions, but majorly eyebrows have played a great role in beauty enhancement and people have gone to a great extent of modifying their eyebrows for beautification purposes. Eyebrows shape can change how your face looks.

Women are commonly known for modifying their eyebrows by means of makeup, hair addition, hair removal, piercings and tattooing. It is always advisable for women to understand the perfect shape for their eyebrows that blends well with the shape of their faces.

There are six basic face shapes among human beings and each shape has its suitable eyebrow shape.

The eyebrows for this face shape are cut in the "perfect" brow shape that is generally considered to be the soft angled shape. An oval face is considered to be the ideal face shape and the eyebrows are not trimmed to make the face look more oval since it's already oval.

This shape is strongly featured with a square jaw, which needs to be balanced with strong brows that are defined by a sharp peak at the top of the brow. The curves will soften the stronger features and also create a balance.

Curved eyebrows suit the best for this shape. The eyebrows arcs for this shape are shaped to soften your look and make the widest part of your face to seem less wide.

Applying lines and curves that go more up and down the face will help draw the eye up and down and will make a round face appear less round, but longer. A high arched eyebrow will accomplish this look.

Straight horizontal shapes brows/lines make the face appear shorter. A flat stencil shape eyebrow will stop the eyes from moving up and down the face.

Rounded shaped eyebrows for this shape will soften your look by creating a beautiful heart shape using the point of your chin as the heart bottom and the eyebrows as the top of the heart.

So, after seeing the recommended lines for your face shape,
you'll need to make it really personal by following those guidelines.

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