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How Long Is Too Long? Bras and Panties!

Hello Ladies,


Bras are investment pieces in our wardrobe - it is natural to want to know how long to expect a quality bra to last. Some experts suggest a bra should last between 6 to 9 months or roughly 130 wears, which is a good starting point.

However, there are a number of factors that could shorten or lengthen the length of life for your bra:
  • Larger Cup Sizes: Women who wear larger cup sizes may find their bras do not last as long, because a bra for an H cup woman has to work a little harder to keep you supported and contained throughout the day than a bra for a C cup woman.
  • Activity Level: If you work a desk job where your bra has little more to do than stay in place and keep the girls lifted, then the bra will have less wear and tear put on it than, say, the woman who waits tables at a busy restaurant. The more you stretch the elastic of the bra throughout the day, the faster it will wear out and stop giving you support.
  • Quality: Not all bras are created equally, and even at higher price points, you will find bras whose quality doesn't warrant a prolonged life.
It really boils down to:

  • How Often You Wear It: If you wear a bra everyday for several weeks, the bra's lifespan will be seriously shortened because you are not giving the elastic time to snap back.
  • How You Care For It: Throwing the bra in the washer and especially the dryer is one surefire way to destroy the bra and require it to be replaced faster.
When I buy a new bra, I aim to have the cost-per-wear (CPW) under $0.75 before I retire it to the "in home only" dryer. Usually, this requires about 90 wears; however, most of my bras have a CPW of under $0.50 from instituting a rotation and carefully washing them.


How long is too long when it comes to keeping underwear/panties/hipsters/briefs/thongs?

Is there a sell by date on underwear? Or is underwear like shoes an handbags, they last until they break?

How many pairs of underwear do you own? Do you have different underwear or different occasions and outfits? How often do you throw away your underwear? Do you judge by appearance or age?

  • As the name suggests, this style is cut like a bikini bathing suit bottom. Bikinis are similar to briefs, but usually have a waistband that sits around the hip area with less rear coverage.
  • Boy shorts are modeled after men's briefs. While boy-shorts can have a low or moderate rise, the style has coverage around the legs with fabric extending below the crotch line.

  • Hipsters are similar to briefs and bikinis, but have a more square rear cut and hit around your hips. The side coverage is great than the bikini cut combining a low cut style with modest coverage.

  • The classic brief silhouette is fit for every woman and body type. Low, moderate, and high rises combine with a range of fabrics and leg cuts. In more recent years, some briefs come in control top and shaping styles to smooth out your lower tummy.

  • Thongs are a must in every woman's wardrobe for your favorite little black dress and linen pants. Thongs have a reputation for being uncomfortable, but brands like Victoria's Secret and Fredrick's of Hollywood use soft lace and mesh to provide all day comfort. Thongs are the best way to eliminate visible panty lines and come in a variety of fun colors, rises, and fabrics.

If you are suddenly feeling uncomfortable with how long you have owned the underwear you have on right now, then get down to your local Victoria's Secret or VS website and hit the current panty raid sale - (random #) of pairs for $25 - choose from a wide selection of styles, colors and prints.

Panty Occasion:

Your style should be recognized, not your underwear. Seamless thongs and laser cut panties will disappear beneath fitted pants. Complete the look top-to-bottom with a slimming shaper thong that will smooth your stomach and lower back while remaining invisible.

I'ts time for some R&R, so look for comfortable and cute panties that pair well with your personality.

For exercise, go for panties that work as hard as you. Panties made with synthetic weaves and moisture-wicking properties offer to breathable fit while providing support and mobility. 

Whether it's a date night, wedding night, or perhaps you're just feeling sexy and confident, fall in love with a style designed to entice. Boy shorts are cute and endearing - skip out on the overt detailing for an approachable, confident, and casual style.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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  1. Great post idea! For me I have to buy very good bras so no digging around in the sales bin when La Senza has a sale. I need it to look pretty and be supportive so I tend to spend a lot of money for good bras and toss them when they get old. I have so many undies that some are brand new from a year ago and I haven't worn them yet ...I buy them a dozen at a time, and pretty much anytime there is a sale.


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