Monday, September 09, 2013

David Tennant

I think 1.5 million fan-girls will agree with me when I say this: "David Tennant could not possibly be as beautiful as he is without the help of black magic and/or Lady Cassandra O'Brien's surgeon." But he is.

Tennant Hair

David's gravity-defying hair is something every fan-girl loves. The hair is his trademark! With it, it takes less than a second to recognize him. Many men have tried to recreate the Tennant hair and failed, but after scouring YouTube, I found this video on how to create Tennant's hair, by Matt Holden. Sound familiar? Matt Holden is David's lookalike for Doctor Who, so he knows his Tennant hair!

David's Style

Personally, I feel like David is always wearing the coolest graphic T-shirts (usually worn with a pair of dark jeans). He looks good in almost anything, but that's not to say there isn't the occasional questionable wardrobe choice:

Our boy DOES know how to to rock a suit (and the occasional kilt), though!

Lainey L.,

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