Saturday, September 07, 2013

Belly Up to the Barre - Ballet Workouts

I will freely admit that I am obsessed with ballerinas,
I love the grace of the strength and the music.

I will never be a ballerina,
but that doesn't mean I haven't pinned scads of photos and videos.

Let's talk about beauty,
isn't that what we do so well?

What about inner beauty? It's about eating right and talking care of your insides too. Sleep and exercise are the key to a healthy mind and body. Ballerinas are no exception, with grueling sun-up to sun-down practices, it can create some of the most graceful and strong bodies. You can take a page from their book and borrow the workout.

Barre can give you:
-Improved Posture
-Muscle Tone

There are many great Barre Workout videos available.

BarreConcept ~ 20 Minute Barre Workout

Shape Magazine had a great article with easy workout moves you can do at home:
Ballet Barre Workout

Prevention Magazine is offering a series by Barre3:
Click here


Some of my favorite Ballet Professionals

Sascha Radetsky

Julie Kent

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Misty Copeland

You can train your body for grace and poise,
just find the workout that fits your fitness level and keep at it.


  1. I love Ballerinas too. I can watch them dance all day nice post

    Carrieanne x

  2. Hi Carrieanne,

    I am slightly obsessed..Such Grace and Strength..


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