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Your Perfume May Actually Make You Less Attractive

Perfume is most certainly among the items that people consider luxuries. In fact, you can spend just about as much as you want on a perfume, given that there are designer brands that are exceptionally expensive. Despite this being the case, you may find that your perfume doesn't actually make you quite as attractive as you believe.

The Power of Smells

Smell is one of the senses that we don't always notice, but that has a huge impact on us, nonetheless. For example, if you used to be a smoker and you switched over to eCigs, aside from not being nagged by your coworkers and friends about stinking like tobacco, you've probably noticed that people don't give you the same odd looks or start sneezing and hacking when you enter a room as they did when you were a smoker. People react very strongly to smell. If they don't like how to smell, you're likely to get a negative reaction from them.

What to Watch For

The perfumes to watch out for those with the strongest scents. Beyond that, it's difficult to determine what people will object to.

Some people object to the smell of perfume because they have allergies to some of the ingredients. For example, if you're around somebody who has an allergy to Sandalwood and you're wearing Sandalwood perfume, you can be absolutely certain that, at best, you're giving that person a headache or, at worst, you're making it hard for them to breathe.

The key here is moderation. If you like to go to stores and buy perfumes, be sure to ask the person behind the counter how much of that perfume you should actually wear. Remember that, when you put on perfume, it very quickly becomes something that your body disregards. You don't really smell it after having been wearing it for a half an hour or so but everyone else does. Those scents that smell mild and light to you might smell pungent and overpowering to them.

Stick to Light Scents

There are plenty of lightly scented perfumes out there that most people will not object to. Rosewater, for instance, is very popular, has a very pleasant smell but it is also very subtle. When people object to perfumes, they tend to be objecting to the amount of perfume rather than the perfume itself. The same applies to men wearing cologne. If you put on too much of any cologne or perfume - no matter how expensive it is - it's going to overwhelm everyone else close to you. Take it easy on the scent and let it be subtle. You're supposed to smell lightly of a perfume, not reek of it.

Be Aware of Mixes

Sometimes, you're going to find yourself in an environment where the smell of the environment itself if not going to mix well with your perfume. As an example of this, if you go out for drinks with someone in an establishment where people are allowed to smoke, you're going to end up smelling like a mixture of cigarette smoke and the perfume that you're wearing. Be sure to keep this in mind when you select your scent, as it may smell great on its own but it may smell awful when it's mixed up with whatever other smells you acquired during the day or night.

More than anything else, remember to take it easy on perfume. If you happen to be wearing something that's hard for someone else to be around, and you have to share office space, a car, a trip on the city bus or any other activity where you're in close proximity to one another, you're not going to make yourself anymore beautiful and you're going to make the people around you absolutely miserable.

~Victory Lean

Victory Lean is a writer at Di Cigs - an Electronic Cigarette showcase. She likes to share lifestyle tips and advice for healthy living.

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