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What We've Learned From What Not To Wear

Season 10 - The Final Season - of TLC's What Not To Wear, is underway, and I, for one, will miss Stacy London and Clinton Kelly's style advice. Since I never got to be on the show, I have looked up their style rules - things we need to remember long after the last show airs - and added my 2 cents for each.

Stacy's Rules:
  • Try On Before You Buy
    • This must be the cardinal rule of shopping. If you don't have time to try on clothing, don't go shopping for clothing. My mother was famous for this - she had bags of clothing with tags on them and the receipts still in the bags - all intended to be returned, but never were.
  • Don't Wear What Doesn't Fit
    • This goes along with the last one - clothes that are too big look sloppy but also make you look older and frumpy. Clothes that are too small lok like you're trying too hard, or gained weight and in denial. Neither is good.
  • Lock and Load
    • "Lock and Load" - one of Stacy's favorite phrases. Your clothing won't fit well if you foundation garments don't fit well. Larger department store lingerie departments and specialty stores, such as Victoria's Secret have staff trained to properly measure you for the right size bra - and there is nothing embarrasing about it.
  • Find Your Waistline
    • Everyone has a waistline - not everyone highlights it. One thing I learned from the show is to highlight the "smallest" part, which, for most people, is just below the bust-line, and not the belly button where my belt sits.
    • Using jackets with nipped waists or tops with darts and structured seaming instantly gives a thinner silhouette.

  • Shoes Can Change Your Outfit
    • Shoes can change your outfit. Think of how much you can change the look of a simple black dress - wearing ballet flats for the day in the office, and changing into red patent leather platform stiletto heels for going out after work.
  • Don't Buy It Just Because It's On Sale
    • We've all done it - it's not really what you're looking for, but you're tired, discouraged and it "kind of fits" and it's on sale. You're never really happy with it.
  • Stick with What You Know
    • I found a pair of navy pants once that fit me so well - including length without needing to be hemmed!! - that I bought them in green, brown and black, also. If you find something that works for you - buy multiples in different colors/patterns. You'll have a variety for your wardrobe and a good fit.
  • Divide Your Wardrobe into Quarters
    • Neutral, Solid, Prints, Textures
    • Basics, Colors, Stripes, Animal
    • Black, Red, Polka Dots, Prints
    • Brown, Cobalt, Florals, Nubby Knits
    • Navy, Tangerine, Velvet
    • Grey, Pink, Satin
    • White, Silk, Wool
    • Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Clinton's Rules:
  • No Scuffed Heels
    • Nothing destroys a look quicker than shabby shoes, and heels that have been scuffed or torn.
  • No Counterfeit ANYTHING
    • Ever if you're told it's "the real thing" if you are buying a Louis Vuitton purse out of the back of a van, it's a knock off and you know it. Counterfeit "designer" items are stealing every bit as much as counterfeit money - the designers and reputation can be compromised by inferior quality (and they're always inferior) quality knock offs. If you really want a designer bag, you can get one that's a bit more affortable at the company's factory outlet store. More importantly, don't let your sense of self worth be tied into wearing someone else's name.
  • No Tramp Stamps & No Whale Tails
    • I've combined these, although Clinton lists them separately. Neither is an attractive look and certainly have no place in the business world. You could get sent home to change into something more appropriate and/or be given a verbal or written reprimand.
  • If You Work in a Cold Office, Wear a Padded Bra
    • If you are going to be somewhere that you know will be cold (hockey game, the office), be sure to wear a padded bra - you don't need to advertise to everyone that you're chilly.
  • No Holiday Sweaters
    • If you're under 70, give them to Goodwill. Wearing a "holiday sweater" automatically makes you looked 20 years older. Don't do it.

  • No Frayed Hems
    • In the late 60's, it was common for teens to be wearing super long jeans and walk barefoot, so the hems on their jeans got frayed and tore. It's not the 60's anymore. Hem the pants or wear the proper heel height so the pants don't drag on the ground.
  • No Dropped Crotch Pants
    • We know the look with the guys wearing their pants belted under their butts with the boxers showing looks ridiculous. But, then there's the "dropped crotch" look that comes from either - wearing pants that are too loose and they slide from the waist to the hips, or someone who is petite wearing pants made for someone who is tall.
  • No Long, Straight "horse hair" after about 30 years old.
    • Every 20 years or so, we go through a fad of girls wearing their hair long and straight. I did it. My daughers do it now. But, there comes a time when that look has got to go - many girls start becoming more daring with hairstyles after high school graduation - other wait way too long. After about 25 years old, and certainly 30, it's time to start thinking of a style and not just burning your hair several times a week to make it look straight and lifeless. Yes, Demi Moore is still rockin' the long and straight hair - not everyone can do it and I'd bet she's probably ready for a change, too.
  • No "I Give Up" Dresses
    • Formerly known as the "mumu". It's the loose (baggy) dress that allows you to eat Thanksgiving dinner without worrying about your jeans being too tight. This type of dress can also be called the "I give up" dress, because you throw it on when you've just stopped trying.
While we're going to miss seeing Stacy & Clinton rework wardrobes and self-images,
we can still see Clinton on The Chew and

Stacy's book "Style Rules - The Truth About Style" will be out in October.


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  1. There are some good tips. I hate to see people wearing clothes that don't fit! It doesn't hide anything by wearing clothes that drape over you, it is better to accentuate your shape. It also doesn't help to wear skin tight clothes either, it just looks awkward.


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