Monday, August 26, 2013

Trends That Should Have Stayed Dead

Hello Ladies,

Trends - sometimes, no one knows what to think about them. They either can be very ingenious fashion pieces or make you think...WTH?!

Once a trend fades out, it usually never comes back. But, not for certain accessories and clothes - some are coming back this fall. They aren't the awesome trends that most of us love.

Trucker Hat

Yes, that's Britney Spears!

This was a trend? Really? Apparently the trucker hat was seen in Marc Jacobs' line this season and has made a comeback. This look could be pulled off at the beach or a casual shopping day, but it definitely wouldn't work any other time.


Annnnnnnnd it's back. This trend is, by far, one of the worst. Nothing can make overalls appear attractive...except maybe Jennifer Aniston (she made them work). But denim overalls are very in this season and are even being paired with a cropped blazer and heels. We'll see how long this lasts...

Colored Mascara

I totally rocked blue and purple mascara in high school...but, that is where it stayed. Wearing colored mascara can be a cute trend. Shades like plums and violets look exceptionally well during the nighttime (especially girls with green, brown or hazel eyes - like me), so this trend isn't too bad. However, it can look amateurish if you wear wild colors, so watch out for too much overload.

Bootcut Jeans

Rachel Bilson

Bootcut jeans are back. This trend should have been worn sparingly (work and other business events). This trend depends on the girl and whether the bootcut style looks good on her.

The Perm

Fact: Nobody gets perms anymore. Well, they shouldn't get them anymore. Curls have always had a way of weaving in and out of style, but getting a perm is going too far.

The Crop Top

Due to the amount of mid-drift baring this trend promotes, this trend should have never come back. It doesn't serve a purpose, but it also doesn't look good. Who wants to wear an expensive shirt that comes with half of the material you're supposed to get?

The Plaid Flannel

This trend isn't that bad, however, flannel should only be worn in Fall and Winter. You can pair this with a cute pair of jeans and combat boots and still look cute.

White Eyeliner

Again, another high school habit I had. But, eyeliner is black for a reason.

Hair Mousse

I don't think this ever went out of style...did it? For the naturally curly-haired women, this is great news. Not only can you save yourself from spending an useless amount of time on your hair, but you will also look great tossing in some mousse and showing off those gorgeous curls.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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