Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tastefully Inked Nails


When I was younger, I was scared to death of tattoos! Let me tell you. My father's little name printed in cursive on his arm was not allowed to show. I hated it! While I pestered him about his arm ink, he pestered me about the designs I spent hours perfecting on my nails and toes. Literally, hours. Polishes, remover, files, tape, Q-tips, toothpicks. A mess, to say the least. But to give myself credit, I cleaned it up and it always looked fabulous.

But, since those days of no license, no job, and no friends that live in walking distance, I have lost my inked itch along with the time to spend on perfecting my piggies. (Especially, the extensive designs that are oh-so-pop today). See my personal picks, favs, and what nails I'm sporting now that fit the sketch of tastefully inked!

Impressed. Many props should be paid to Impressed Nails. Seriously, so cute and they last. And for the parents everywhere, they don't make a mess. (I do mine on the train!) Natural looking designs lend themselves to any season, occasion, or personality. Of course, with 36 patterns to choose from, you will have real trouble getting bored.

My fav? Vamp it up. Colors and textures, while adding a little love. Totally tasteful, but beautifully badass.

Kissable. Kiss Nails have their eyes on the prize. Or wait, Kiss Nails have their lips on the fix? Either way, who doesn't love nails reminding us of clothes? Halter. If you're not bribing a gal through fashion then you're doing something wrong. Adorably colorful and playful. I wish they had shoes in this pattern.

But what am I rocking right now? Since my childhood fear of tattoos have worked their way into my adulthood, I'll forever be sporting needle-less nods on my nails. Not to shabby. Push up! So fun and so flirty. These peacock pops are quite the conversation piece.

All priced at under $8, this tattoo nail trend tastefully executes the time clotted gal, making lives easier one nail at a time.

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