Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer in Black

Hello Ladies,

This Summer 2013 trend is black and white outfits. It's news to everyone and yet, it looks like for some fashionista's black color comes with no white, as lots of girls, women and celebs appear in all black outfits. Thanks for 1990's Grunge, punk meets glamour and alternative style comeback this year it's okay to wear black outfits, yet keep attention to Summer's temperature, as sun may kill you if it's too hot.

Black color looks polish and classy. Every outfit evokes femininity and seductive touch. You can simply add hints of black into your overall look, adapting black items and making it just right, simple add black shoes, nails and accessories.

There are tons of options of how you can style black color, like teaming a black dress with classic high heels, or boots for an edgy look, sandals for a boho style and tennis shoes for a sporty touch. A black suit will look classy or edgy, everything depends on your choices, as you can team a formal black office suit with funky tops to achieve that real hipster look. One rule to look easy and casual-dress simple: if you want a more sophisticated look, then try on edgy pieces. If you are still wondering what and how to style, then these images will help inspire your new look!

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Happy Shopping!

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