Friday, August 30, 2013

How To Fix Fashion Emergencies

There are times when fashion emergencies can't be avoided. Over the years, everyone has experienced at least one. Here are some products that have saved me a time to two with those fashion emergencies.

  • Mini Sewing Kits. These are extremely helpful for torn hemlines, popped buttons, or any other clothing tears. If you don't have enough time, simply use some masking tape to fix tears in an instant.

  • Baby Wipes. You can use baby wipes to wipes off smudged makeup. They are also useful in removing makeup, deodorant stains on clothes and remove dirt from your shoes.

  • Safety Pins. I find these extremely helpful during a time crunch. These can be used to keep loose buttons in place.

  • This is a very versatile product that can be used in various fashion emergencies. It can be used to keep up a falling tube top, to secure straps in place, keeping a plunging neckline from exposing your bra or your girls.

  • Tide To-Go Pens. You can stain your clothes at the most inconvenient time, for example, during dinner. A stain remover pen will come in handy during situations like these. I use mine at least twice a month. Just rub the pen tip onto the stain and watch the stain fade away.

  • Clear Nail Polish. Everyone should always be carrying this in their purses - hey, you never know. Clear nail polish can be used for a couple of things, such as using a dab on the edge of a run on your stockings to stop it in its tracks and keeping frayed threads in place.

  • Band Aids. How do you think we break in those new heels and sandals? But even if your wearing old shoes, you never know when a blister might form.
Learn from others fashion emergencies and prepare yourself with the things that can save you from public embarrassment.

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