Saturday, August 17, 2013

Guest Post from Rachael @ Pretty In Pink

Hello Beauties,

Rachael from Pretty in Pink has written a list of her 5 Favorite Beauty Products!


Hi, pretties! My name is Rachael and I blog over at Pretty in Pink; today I'm taking over Beauty O'holic with my five favorite beauty products! Since I'm a college student, I'm all about saving money and getting the best bang for my buck in the products that I do use. Some of them are really simple but they all definitely help me look and feel my best!

1. Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Creme

This stuff works like a gem. I use it every day after I get out of the shower and it helps keep my legs super smooth, especially right after shaving. My favorite scent is Sea Island Cotton, just because it smells so clean and fresh.

2. Lipstick
I'm into saving money and drugstore brands work great for me! Lipstick makes me happy, and it's also one of my signatures when going out! :)

3. Neutrogena OilFree makeup remover

This stuff works amazing and gets my makeup off in a second just by using a cotton ball. I love it! After I take off my makeup I will usually follow up with it by using a gentle cleanser on my face.

4. Proactiv Skincare Line
I know Proactive is so 2007, but it actually has helped my skin improve a ton. I have just noticed a difference since using it this summer! It's a little harsh on your skin but honestly it does work. I will only use it a few months at a time and then give my skin a break.

5. Benefit's "Most Glamorous Neutrals" Set

I just bought this this summer and since I wear neutrals on my eyes most days, this set really has me covered! You can mix and match colors to create a day or night look.

Those are my top 5 beauty products! Do you use any of these? Send me a tweet and let me know. Thanks Meredith for letting me take over!

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There you have it Beauties! Thank you so much Rachael for the Guest Post! If you want to write to Beauty O'holic, please click here.

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