Friday, August 09, 2013


Hello Ladies,

Black and White outfits are so-on trend this 2013 Summer season, but today I am going to share with you some really interesting inspirational black and white outfit stylings that can be worn even at Winter 2013-2014 time.

There is nothing to say, that we have seen black and white geometrical prints during the fashion shows this season and it's no secret that those looks are elegant, classy and so attention-grabbing.

This could be an office look. This consists of black and white graphic printed pants, a simple black tee, a elegant white vest (like a formal sleeveless jacket) and a statement necklace. This can also been worn at after-work parties and meetings.

These prints can look gorgeous on top and skirt (as you can see in the image), then try on some elegant fitted white jacket, white sneakers and trendy white purse or make a trendy appearance. This outfit will suit any occasion, even dating. If you have a curvy body, then try to find small prints, those will make your body fitted.

This is either a going out outfit or a dressy one. If your friends call you out for a night out on the town to a club or bar, then a geometry printed dress (black and white checks) teamed with dressy high heels, biker fitted jacket and a black statement clutch...this will be perfect for you.

There are plenty of other variations what and how you can style for this 2013-2014 year, yet I advise you to experience with trendy patterns and not to overdo it.

See you next time,


Happy Shopping!

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