Thursday, August 08, 2013

Catherine's Introduction

Hey Everyone,

Here's my first post, which is mainly a little introduction to me. First of all, I am 17. I actually only recently turned 17, which is annoying, as I hate being on an odd number. I turn 18 next July and I am over-excited, as I will have so much more freedom and people will treat me as an adult and not like a child. When I see on certain websites, 'must be 18 to sign up' or 'must be 18 to enter competition' it really bugs me, but I know that within a few years time, I'll wish I was 17 again, as there is nothing better than being young and carefree.

I live in west Ireland, in a place where everyone knows everyone. I used to go to the local school which only had 250 students - very small - and it was inevitable that everyone would know you and you know everyone in return. Yet this year, I moved to a larger school, with my twin (oh, I may have forgot to mention, I have a twin), and it is very different. It is an all girls school, and has over 500 students. At the start, it was hard to get used to, but now I don't see it any different to other schools, apart from the fact that it's not mixed.

I first started wearing makeup at 13, although I had dabbled in a fair bit of makeup from my mother's drawer, trying on her red lipstick and not being able to fully remove it. Yes, I did look like a clown. I bough a Rimmel Foundation, and I was excited to use it, but my parents weren't very happy with the fact that I was wearing makeup so young, so I was limited to using it on the weekends or special occasions. As time went on, I started wearing it to school every day, and now, I literally cannot go to school without my makeup on. It's so bad, that if I haven't applied my makeup, I will stay home until it's on and go into school late. My mother doesn't know this, so I just make up another excuse.

It's my ultimate dream to start making YouTube videos, but with school, exams and lots of studying to be done, I think it would be difficult to commit to making videos, when I barely have time to make myself a cup of tea. Next summer, I hope to start YouTube, as I will also be no longer afraid of people finding the videos and teasing me. Let's face it, as we grow older, people care less.

So, there's a little information about me. I hope you didn't find it boring to read. I'm going to finish off with a little quote, which I think everyone should live by.



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