Friday, August 23, 2013

Breathtaking Wedding

With one of my daughter's friends coming into town to go wedding dress shopping, I decided to focus my 'breathtaking' moments on all things wedding...

While there are so many things that could be considered breathtaking in this 'Bali Wedding', including the scenery (check out some of the photos at the very die for!) and the bride's entrance, what caught my eye were the rings...not the size of the diamond, but the color!

for more pictures of this wedding (click here)

This is the dress that will make a one will be looking at anyone else while the bride is wearing this dress...

Who needs Ruby slippers when you can wear these?

Wedding favors will have to be sunglasses if you wear this dress...but isn't the bling stunning?

Here is one great dress,
but you can't wear's the cake.

This dress was captioned 'ugly dress' but if you are a Las Vegas show girl,
this just might be the wedding dress of your dreams...

Okay, the other dress was a cake,
but this dress is MADE of cake.

and if you don't care about passing your dress on to a daughter, this is an incredible shot at the end of the day!


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