Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Breathtaking Faces

So, what does it take to pull off a breathtaking face? Is it those stunning eyes which seem to pop, or is it that flawless skin which others seem to envy?

The most important thing whether it happens to be the skin, eyes, eyebrows or lips, is that it catches your eye. It needs to stand out and catch other peoples attention. You do not need to think that because you have got defined cheekbones or the biggest lips, your face will be plain, because you can achieve a breathtaking face in many other ways.

So, there you see it. Various faces, various skin tones. You do not need to be a makeup pro, just learn the basics and make them work for you. Mix up a few looks, experiment with bronzer, bold lipstick colours, dark eyes...and there you have it...a breathtaking face. Enjoy!

Catherine x

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