Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pop of Neon!

Hot Pink!   Day Glo Yellow!   Neon Green!

Neon Colors not really "you"? Me either. At least not in the way they're shown on models, wearing neon colors head to toe.

Still, it looks like it would be fun, once in a while, to use a splash of a really bright color.

Imagine're getting ready for work in black pants, grey jacket, black ballet flats and a black tote.

Now, change the image of the jacket - hot pink. Instant POP!

Change the image again...
and add red shoes.

Classy, feminine with a sense of fun and style.

If you're not ready to take a big step,
work your way up.

Start with nail polish, or, if you're not ready for the world to see you taking steps yet, a PEDICURE.

I work for a very conservative company, so a super bright nail color really wouldn't be appropriate. But, I can indulge with the loudest, brightest nail color I can find. I'm currently wearing a shiny, dark Barbie pink. And, because we're not allowed to wear sandals, no one knows!

Ready for the next step? A brightly-colored headband or scarf.

Load up your arm with bangles. Try to stick to the color family

and leave the "Jelly Belly Mix" to the under 12 year old's.

If you're hesitant to spend money on something that will be in style today and out tomorrow, remember that trendy things don't need to cost a lot of make an impact. There ARE ways to stretch the time you can use your trendy pieces...once in a while. Dig out a pair of yellow or orange shoes and go with brown pants in the Fall.

Use a red clutch in December to make your outfit "holiday special".

Think in terms of more than just one season.

Be creative, have fun and remember...
allow one bold,
colorful item to take center stage.


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