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Natural Makeup Tutorial

Natural makeup should enhance your natural beauty and should create certain well as hide certain things. Your makeup should look natural, yet last all day, and this is done by applying in thin layers.

During the May/June 100 Follower Giveaway, an entry comment suggested a post be written about how to achieve the natural makeup here it goes!

Primer: This is to prepare your skin for makeup application. It smooths and gives your makeup something to "stick" to. Some primers prevent oil build up and others are very effective at filling wrinkles. Make sure you read the labels properly. Primer can be applied with your fingers or a brush.

Foundation: I only recommend using foundation before you do your eyes if you are using cream eye shadow. If you are using normal powder eye shadow, do your eyes first, then apply foundation. Why? This is because the powder tends to drop onto your cheeks and this can make a mess. Foundation can be applied using your fingers, brushes or a wet cosmetic sponge. All techniques work, but the key point is to remember to blend blend blend! Start with the center of your face and work the foundation onto your neck and into your hairline. Use foundation to even our your complexion. Don't try to cover blemishes with it, just allow your natural skin to shine through.

Concealer: Sheer, buildable concealers are the BEST. Remember, not to go too light with your concealer or you'll have that weird "anti-raccoon" around your eyes. Basically, your concealer is a thicker version of your foundation color, which is usually sparingly to cover redness, blemishes, scars, and dark circles. Make sure that where ever you apply concealer, you blend it out nicely into the foundation.

Powder: Please don't apply powder all over your face. First, it has an aging effect. Second, the matte look is so last season. A dewy complexion is youthful and adds a beautiful highlight to the skin. If you must powder to set your makeup, use a small brush and gently pat powder onto your eyelids, under the eyes, around the base of your nose, down the side of your nose onto your cheeks and on your chin. A light dusting on your forehead is fine but remember, if you have fine lines or wrinkles, the powder will settle into them and emphasize them.

Contour: Many people mistake contour for bronzer and it then ends up doing the exact opposite for them. You need to contour with matte powder about two tones darker than your skin color. The point of this is to make the area you contour recede (matte dark colors recede, lighter shiny colors draw attention) and therefore, creating the illusion of definition and shape. Contour is also used to make the nose look slimmer and the jawline more pronounced. Read our Lessons in Makeup that I wrote in January.

Highlight: This is the opposite of contouring...anything which is a lighter shade than your skin or has a shimmer, will draw attention to that area.

Not everyone needs this, it just depends on what you want to highlight or what you need to change the shape of your face. You can also find more highlight information, while reading our Lessons in Makeup post. Read the following posts for more information on highlighting: How To Get Glinda's Glow (Lainey), Highlight and Brighten (Hope), Shimmering Faces For Summer (Lindsey J from The Stylista), and My Favorite Body Shimmers (Meredith).

Blusher: Now, that you have created shape and definition, you can add some dimension with color. Cheek stain or cream blush gives the illusion of a natural blush. Good makeup is about making it look like it all comes from within. The only rule with blush...NEVER smile when applying it! This is an old theater technique used to age people. Apply blush gentle to the cheek bones pulling the brush up towards your temple. Your contour, blush and highlight should blend seamlessly into one another.

Eye Brows: Please pay attention to your brows. Your eye brows frame your eyes and can make all the difference to the shape of your face, if shaped properly. Here are other posts you can read to achieve natural perfect eyebrows: Subtle Is Better, Makeup Mistakes and Eyebrow Threading

Eye Shadow: Using the same matte color from contouring the rest of your face, use a small blending brush and contour just on your eye socket bone. Pull the color up and out a little as you reach the outer corner of your eye. Using a smaller brush, run the same color along your lower lash line.

Here are a few posts to help you achieve the natural smoky eye look: New Smoky, Perfect Smokies and Peacocks.

Eye Liner: For a natural liner, which makes the lashes appear fuller, use a small angle brush with a dark brown or black matte eye shadow and push the color into your upper lash and create a line starting from the outer corner. Use the same approach for the bottom lash line, but make sure the line is a lot thinner.

Lashes: Always curl your lashes before applying mascara. If you're only going to do one thing when you get ready...curl your lashes and apply mascara. It opens the eyes beautifully and makes you look more awake and refreshed.

Lips: I use a highlight cream on my lips in between layers of lip stain and lipstick...this creates the illusion of gloss and it photographs beautifully if you have a thin top or bottom lip. Add a little highlight to the bow of your lip or in the center of your bottom lip to give it fullness. Check out a previous post: Rosie Lips.

Here are some other Natural Makeup posts that we have talked about in the past:

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