Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mermaid Nails

Welcome back to Wednesday Nails

First, start off with Aqua Shocks from the
Express Finish Collection by Maybelline.

Aqua Finish, $1.99

Paint the following nails with this color:
thumb, index, middle and pinky
(leave ring finger clean).

Apply an optional second coat.

Move on to a touch of pink glitter.
Wet 'n Wild color 435C,
apply only on the ring finger.

Pink Glitter, $0.99

Applying a second coat is optional.

Optional: Apply a clear top coat with Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen.

Completed Mermaid Nails.

Check out Ariel's post,
since we are talking about Mermaids!

Any requests for nail designs?

Vicky C.

See you next time ladies

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