Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Wear Neon

Trends can be tricky, yet fun and short-lived. They require some customization. Anyone can wear any trend, as long as they make it their own. I find the Neon trend to be a tricky one, indeed.

If there is a Neon tank-top or blouse in any store, I have to try it on - no matter what.

As colorful as the runway is with the latest Neon fashions - always remember to own it.

Remember that runways and photo-shoots are to show off the color, styles, fabrics, etc., not to encourage you to make a "fashion emergency" an ongoing trend.

There are a lot of colors that are in the Neon family, but I think the safest color would have to be yellow (even though pink is my favorite).

What!? Why?

Not many people can pull off the Neon look, especially in large quantities. If you "have to" wear Neon - but haven't figured out how to "own it" - stick to one or two small accessories, such as nail polish or a belt OR one large item, such as a scarf or jacket.

~Vicky C.

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