Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is, oh, one of Batman's most interesting villains. While many of Batman's enemies have a passion for why they do what they do, Harley's reasons for becoming a villain-eness was and normally is biased around her boyfriend, The Joker.

Harley Quinzel was introduced to the world of Batman when The Joker is sent to the Arkham Asylum. After a rough childhood and a charming conman of a Father - lead her to a career of Psychology. She quickly became fascinated by The Joker while he was in the asylum and was given a chance to interview him - she couldn't resist. The Joker quickly gained her trust and thus refers to her as "Harley Quinn." Harley helps The Joker escape - taking on her own villain and costume - on his side.

In comes Harley Quinn. She is often part of The Joker's plans, used to get into places The Joker can't, but she soon finds out about the love affair with Gothams most wanted - is not roses and rainbows...he is abusive and makes several attempts on her life, as well as lies to her. Although Harley, is often put in danger, she cannot seem to put her love for The Joker aside and leave for good.

Harley's style has changed slightly throughout the years, from a simple black and red harlequin costume when she first appeared in Batman - The Animated Series (or the comic Mad Love) 

to her latest costume sporting purple, instead of black from the Arkham video games, where she can be seen in knee high boots, fishnet stockings, a corset and a mini skirt.

While Harley knows how to accessorize, while many of us don't need the "bang" gun or giant hammer, so instead, opt for a gun shaped purse or belt buckle, while using Quinn as inspiration.

For clothing inspiration, TRIPP NYC makes a perfect pair of pants, combining black and red (one color per leg), that are pre-made and ready to buy! Paired with a simple white shirt is a simple take on Quinn.

For more flair - pair a white shirt and skirt together with a red and black (or purple) under bust corset and mismatched boots. Bonus points for fishnets!

When Quinn first appeared, she kept her blonde hair under wraps with a traditional Harley Quinn headpiece, do a modern take on this with a black and red headband (which you can DIY, this is cheap by sewing a black and red headband together, or wearing two at once). Or opt for the widely used pigtails we normally see this lovely lady sport today.

For Harley inspired make-up, go for a thick black eyeliner or a smokey eye (depending on your preference) and extra long lashes.

For a simple Quinn inspired nail design; you will need:

White Nail Polish
Red Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish
Base Coat (optional)

How To:

Apply a coat of white onto you nails and wait until dry. Once the white is dry, apply a strip of red over the top of your nail (french manicure style), once the red is dry - apply the black over half of the red...allow nail polish to completely dry and complete your look with a top coat.


  1. Very cool! I would love to be her for Halloween. Thanks for the inspiration and history lesson.
    Blog: CuteLA.com

    1. You are very welcome Tiffy!
      I hope you have fun as her for halloween! And please shear pictures with us when you have your final look done!
      I would love seeing it!


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