Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cat Woman

"Who DOESN'T want to be Catwoman...?" A woman in leather is a feat in itself, and looking like Hallie Berry is another!

Here are my top tips on how to may homage your favorite super heroine without looking like you're in a Halloween costume!

Products pictured;
  1. Eyeliner
  2. Leather Leggings
  3. Leather Effect Nails
Here's How To Do A Perfect Cat Eye:
  1. Draw a thin line, as you normally would, going towards the outer corner of your eye.
  2. Your cat eye should be drawn, so that if you kept going, it would reach your eyebrow.
  3. For definition, you can use a business card on the outer edge to give a crisp line.
  4. Any smudges can be cleaned up with a Q-tip with makeup remover or facial moisturizer on it.
  5. Above all, make sure your husband (or boyfriend) is not behind you like this:

Leather Nails are the perfect alternative to wearing leather leggings (I know it can be daunting), if you're not confident enough/don't have the time to squeeze into leather leggings.

It'll give you an edge to your look, especially if you shape your nails like this first, hello kitty claws!

A pair of killer heels and you're totally on your way to paying homage to Hallie Berry without the cat tail.

These look similar to the ones that are worn in the movie,
and will save you the stress of squeezing into thigh high boots.

You can find them here.

Have fun saving the world chicas (:

Until next time

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